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We are Horse China One, a young and professional team since 2013, being the NO.1 web portal on the horse industry in China. Horse China One is the subsidiary brand of Guangzhou Onehorse Horse Racing Company Limited while the company is the only horse event recognition and business investment partner of Guangdong Equestrian Association (GEA). GEA is a single sports association belongs to Guangdong sports federation, voluntarily composing of organizations and  individuals which engage in equestrian sport and offer products, services and supports for the industry. It is also a non-profit social entity organization.


We catch the highlight of racing, equestrian and polo in China and overseas, going deep in popularizing the domestic horse industry. We have deep connection between more than 500 equestrian clubs. Through the event organization and information exchange from online and offline activities, we are working in constant effort towards our mission of the domestic horse industry and culture popularization, we seek to present the latest and accurate racing information to people, developing to be the best news sharing platform.



Horse China One consists of professional racing teams from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, along with the experienced newsmakers from South Newspaper. It covers all media like App, website, channels and official accounts on social media. We own lots of celebrated Chinese brands including Wise View, The Master, The Horse Buy, The Good Horse, The Feature, The Reports, The Blockbuster, The Horse Whisper and The Horse Racing Class. We are experienced with overseas media such as Tan Ma from Australia and Punters’ Way from Singapore. Magic Millions is an auction company, which has the number one resources of Champion is also our collaborative partner. Rider Horse Racing Club website, Yulong Horse Racing Club website, Horsechianone website, Guangdong Equestrian Association website are tailored by us with comprehensive horse racing news, the most professional information about horses and the most inclusive horse databases.


The first professional horse newspaper came out by Rider Horse on June in 2016 since a 20-year absence of a high quality production in Mainland China which was a dedicated work result from the team of Horsechinaone. It is the only one and the most professional reference for horse owner members with the publishing of 12 issues in total. There are 8 sections in each issue, including the previous scores of horses, preliminary stable assignment lists, the ranking of top jockeys and trainers, horse racing reports, Peter’s Word’s On Horses, First Wise View, Top Horse Owners and the photos of horses and trainers championship. With fascinating content and visually appealing layout, it gains wide popularity over the country.


Global Racing & Media production

October 4, 201 was the debut of Global Racing Broadcast. It is the first nationwide professional horse racing program and also the most influential one in China. Professionally produced by fist-class team and a series of programs are available on TV, such as Looking For The Horse Hero, Racing Spotlight, Horsechinaone Weekly, Star List, Peter’s Words On Horses, A Happy Trip To The Racing field. Also, we cooperated with Guangdong Television Zhujiang Channel, creating a broadcasted 60-episode city moral TV series ‘Only Love Long Lives’ in December 2015. Our produced program about entrepreneur character interview such as Victory Securities has been reviewed favorably.  


Live broadcast & Commentary

2016 Rider Horse Racing regulars, 2016 ‘Yulong Cup’ Horse Racing series, Hong Kong Horse Jockey Club series, our live broadcast team always shows up all in these top racing events in China, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Chengdu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi can see our commentators team on the scene. Peter Chen, a host of Hong Kong Horse Jockey Club, China’s famous expert and commentator on horse racing who is also a witness and practitioner of China’s horse racing in 1990s.


Resources & Events operation

Our cooperative relationship with horse experts, horse riders and trainers more than 6000 people in the industry and the latest news, the most professional horse industry pages and the extensive broadcast of horse culture are the reasons that Horse China One can achieve the leading influence and the high degree of profession in China, which attracts 130 thousands overseas horse lovers. We are acquainted and have held numerous events. We have a decade of horse business experience and wide connections domestically and overseas, with all the aspects transaction services information of horse owners, racecourses, auction companies and farms.


We are professionally obliged to promote horse racings which originates in Guangdong and Hong Kong and serves all over China, with powerful teams for event operation, live broadcast and investments attraction. A series of activities are warmly welcomed and proved a great success for example 2016 Guangdong Sports Exhibition Equestrian Exhibition Area, 2016 Equine Industry and Equestria nTrends Forum, International Horse Owners Forum and Annual Horse Owners Selection are a booster for further China horse industry movement. Horse China One was one of the hosts of China Racehorse Owner Ceremony, which was a grand event that with the ambition of gathering leaders, experts and horse owners in the horse industry from mainland China and Hong Kong China. Hundreds of participants had support the event and voted for the China Top 10 Horse Owner Award, China Top Sire and a series of other prize projects.


American Branch

It has to be mentioned that we also have set up our American branch in San Diego, which for reaching a better cooperation between China and Ameriaca horse industry, providing services lie feeding and training horse trianing, horse buying and delivering.


For more information, please visit us at http://www.horsechinaone.com/EN/