Inner Mongolia International Horse Culture Tourism Week

2017/7/4 14:51:08
2017 Inner Mongolia Horqin Middle Banner International Horse Culture Tourism Activity Week

2017 Inner Mongolia Horqin Middle Banner international horse culture tourism activity week will be grandly started on July 6th in Horqin Middle Banner. The event will be lasted for a week, which is included China Speed Racing Grand Prix Race Series, China Grand National Horseracing -- Long-distance Endurance Race and China Inner Mongolia Horqin Middle Banner International Horse Culture Tourism Activity – International Horse Rider Invitation Race. The total prize of these three races is up to 2 million RMB.




Not only the guests from countries and areas will come to the event, but also the international horse riders from around the globe, such as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Japan and other countries are invited.




Learning from Inner Mongolia Rider Horse, the activity week guide has been come out. At the opening ceremony, the audience can enjoy a wonderful technical performance which will be shown by a professional equestrian team. Numerous famed national singers will bring a literature and art performance while the models of Inner Mongolia performing a fascinating Mongolia clothing catwalk show. A series of activities such as Horqin Middle Banner Horse Industry Forum, Horqin Grassland Tourism Festival and Horqin Food Festival will also be started on the second day of the week which is July 7th.




According to the research, this event has the longest time, the largest scale and the most teams comparing to the previous competition for celebrating the establishment of 70th anniversary of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Horqin Middle Banner has held nine racing events, which has become a noted brand in Horqin Grassland and the tourism activities in the country.