The Horse Culture Week, Successfully ended!

2017/7/11 11:40:14
Inner Mongolia Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner International Horse Culture Tourism Activity Week which grandly opened on 6th June and lasted for four days.


Inner Mongolia Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner International Horse Culture Tourism Activity Week which grandly opened on 6th July and lasted for four days. There were 15 national and area representatives, delegation of Yunnan minority province that came to visit the festival. Moreover, up to 30 superstars in various industries and 30 thousand audiences were well attended to improving the event mood, showing to domestic and overseas people to know the attraction of racing town.




The opening ceremony was mainly hosted in Mongolian, Chinese and English. Chinese part was presented by Meng Cai, who is the host of a CCTV famed sport program, English part by Xiaohan Jiang, CCTV program host and Mongolian part by Dulaihua. The star owner from Rider Horse, famous crosstalk artist Qian Yu also visited to the event, letting his beloved horse ‘Daqianshijie’to attends the China Speed Racing Grand Prix Race Series on 8th July.




On the morning of 7th July, the second day of the festival week, the China Inner Mongolia Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner Horse Industry International Forum successfully ended. Guests from China, Thailand, Britain, Korea, New Zealand, Japan, Mongolia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Hong Kong of China and other countries and areas gathered in the area, discussing the development of Chinese horse industry and deepening the compaction of horse industry foundation. Government and business people and multi-area experts were also participate in the event, with not only the communication of different areas on horse industry but also domestic industry information exchange and ideas sharing. It created a profound influence on Chinese horse industry. 





Lin Lang said that ‘the world horse industry sees China and Chinese horse industry sees Rider Horse’ is the slogan of his company, which is their responsibility from passion and makes Rider Horse 14-year-investment on Chinese horse industry. Through the research of New Zealand and North America about the mature horse industry, Lang Lin pointed out that as the leader of Rider Horse, driving the horse industry with horse cultivation, such as feed production, new varieties breeding, horse sales, racing, equestrian exertion. By the good management of these parts, the ambition of developing the commercial mode of horse industry, building a healthy industry chain, fundamentally realizing an international, industrial, professional and social Chinese horse industry could be reached.




8th July, after the ethnic and special show by Yunnan equestrian team, 2017 Inner Mongolia Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner International Horse Culture Tourism Activity Week was official started, which was the fourth stop of 2017 China Speed Racing Grand Prix sponsored by Chinese Equestrian Association. There were 8 racings in total for the horse lovers, including 6 thoroughbred races and 2 Mongolia horse races. The reward for each racing was up to 75 thousands RMB and 600 thousand RMB for the racing day.  




The director of Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner radio, film and television tourism Jianhua Bai said, the feeling from this event was different indeed. The combination of sports and culture for a culture tourism week had created more highlight, comparing to the previous show. Rider Horse has a great future, with the leading status on horse cultivation, breeding and racing in domestic horse industry.